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Meet Madison, she is 10-years-old and battling ependymoma.

Meet Madison:

Madison is a 10-year-old princess who was born on New Year’s Eve. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and has never met a stranger. She is quick to share a compliment and gives the absolute best kisses. She loves to dance and sing. She learned to read when she was 4 years old. And shortly after she turned 5, she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called ependymoma. Since then she has spent 2000 days fighting one of the nastiest beasts there is. Madison has spent 155 days in the hospital, had 20 months of chemo, 110 days of radiation (4 full rounds – 4 times the LIFETIME maximum dose of radiation) to her brain and her back, 7 brain surgeries, 2 spinal surgeries and over 300 sticks with a needle. She has been on 4 clinical trials and has been treated in 11 different hospitals in 6 states.

And through all of that, she has never lost a glimmer of the spark that makes her such a joy to be around. She laughs and loves and jumps off the diving board and wins just about every board game she plays. She is kind and compassionate and she has the strength of a hundred men. Madison dreams of place called Non-A-Cancerland with a purple sky, flying unicorns and no pain. She is the captain of #TeamMaddie and we are blessed to have her in our lives.

Pictures of Madison

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Madison in the Hospital
Madison Smiling

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