Navigating Life with Pediatric Cancer
Navigating Life
Pediatric Cancer

Welcome to An Unexpected Fight Podcast

Hosted by Tiffany and Kelly, two mothers who have walked the challenging path of pediatric cancer alongside their young daughters and bring a wealth of medical knowledge. Their podcast aims to shine a light on the vital importance of pediatric cancer research, advocacy, and support services. Through heartfelt storytelling and insightful discussions, “An Unexpected Fight” celebrates the courage and resilience of young cancer patients and their families while addressing the diverse challenges faced by children, loved ones, and healthcare professionals in navigating this difficult journey.

Join us as we share personal stories of families affected by pediatric cancer, offering glimpses into their experiences, obstacles, and moments of triumph. Additionally, we dive into the latest developments in pediatric oncology, exploring new treatments, research breakthroughs, and advancements in the field. By sharing these stories and insights, we hope to create a space of understanding, empathy, and support for those affected by pediatric cancer, while advocating for greater awareness and resources to combat this daunting journey.

Navigating life with Pediatric Cancer Vlog