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The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation® has developed a business model unlike any other in the field of pediatric cancer research. Capitalizing on the strengths of researchers from various scientific fields, we have streamlined the process of protocol development in the hopes of delivering more personalized medicine to children with cancer.

Through the Sunshine Project™, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation has launched several clinical trials and many new combinations of drugs and therapies have been, and continue to be, tested. The treatment options being discovered through the Sunshine Project are bringing great promise for children who have not experienced positive results under the standard treatment protocol.

The Sunshine Project™ Governance

Damon Reed, MD

Chief Science Officer
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Jonathan Metts, MD

Sunshine Project Co-Chair
Moffitt Cancer Center

Matteo Trucco, MD

Sunshine Project Co-Chair
Cleveland Clinic

Jessica Crimella, RN, BSN, CCRP

Sunshine Project Lead
Moffitt Cancer Center

Lars M. Wagner, MD

Executive Council, Protocol Committee Co-Chair
Duke Children’s Hospital

Michael Isakoff, MD

Protocol Committee Co-Chair
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Task Force Leaders

Mas Hayashi

Mas Hayashi, MD

Osteosarcoma Task Force Leader

Children’s Hospital of Colorado

Eugene Hwang

Eugene Hwang, MD

Central Nervous System (CNS) Task Force Leader

Children's National Medical Center

Dean Lee

Dean Lee, MD

Immunotherapy Task Force Leader

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Bhuvana Setty

Bhuvana Setty, MD

Ewing's Sarcoma Task Force Leader, Sunshine Project Site PI

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Elizabeth A. Stewart

Elizabeth A. Stewart, MD

Rhabdomyosarcoma Task Force Leader

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Daniel A. Weiser

Daniel A. Weiser, MD

Executive Council, Novel Initiatives Task Force Leader

Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

All Private Investigators & Researchers

Mohamed Abdelbaki

Mohamed Abdelbaki, MD

Sunshine Project Researcher

Washington University, St. Louis Children's

Vibhuti Agarwal

Vibhuti Agarwal, MD

Sunshine Project Site PI, Researcher

Nemours Children's Hospital, Orlando

Laura Agresta

Laura Agresta, MD

Sunshine Project Researcher

Michigan State University

Elizabeth Alva

Elizabeth Alva, MD, MSPH

Sunshine Project Site PI

University of Alabama-Birmingham

Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong, MD

Sunshine Project Site PI

Washington University, St. Louis Children's Hospital

Jamie Aye

Jamie Aye, MD

Sunshine Project Researcher

University of Alabama-Birmingham

Tom Badgett

Tom Badgett, MD, PhD

Sunshine Project Site PI

University of Kentucky

Alissa Baker

Alissa Baker, MD, FAAP

Sunshine Project Researcher

Montefiore Medical Center