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Across the nation, the brewing industry is uniting to raise funds for critical pediatric cancer research.

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s signature beer Rising Hope IPA™ has become a seasonal favorite in nearly every state. Coupled alongside the bold Hope Roast™ Coffee, these iconic brews are here to put the bookends on your day.

Brewing Funds the Cure offers unlimited opportunities to engage companies, brands, and individuals through events, signature brews, exclusive products, point-of-sale campaigns, and more.

A Nationwide Effort

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Rising Hope

  • Rising Hope is the signature program for Brewing Funds the Cure. Currently, it is limited to 1 brewery per state.
  • Country Malt Group and Yakima Chief Hops donate 100% of the ingredients needed to make our Rising Hope IPA.
  • Tap Handles donated custom Rising Hope tap handles and Boelter donated custom coasters to send to all participating breweries.
  • If your state is already spoken for, you can participate in our Tap Handle Program. This will put your brewery in a position to have the opportunity to be a Rising Hope Partner in the future, should a new spot become available.
  • 100% of the net proceeds are donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Tap Handle Program

  • The Tap Handle Program for Brewing Funds the Cure is open to any brewery to participate. It’s super simple!!
  • Select a brew you’re already making and donate a percentage of sales from that brew during a week or month. 
  • Once you’ve decided on the brew and percentage amount, reach out to us to get started. 
  • Tap Handles will provide exclusive Brewing Funds the Cure tap handles to participating breweries. 
  • Every pour from this tap will now benefit the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation during the campaign period. 
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Have an Idea?

Do you have a fundraising or event idea? We’re open to anything and everything that can help us raise funds for pediatric cancer research. Let’s chat on how you can make a difference. 

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