Don’t Recreate the Wheel.

Join Our Collaborative Research Model.

Don’t Just Give Funds, Become A Part of the Team

If you are a like-minded organization, meaning you are raising funds and want to support childhood cancer research, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The NPCF has developed a comprehensive research model with appropriate medical advisory teams and impact. We will work with you to collaboratively conduct research, support your needs/ideas, protect your autonomy/purpose, and fulfill your vision to improve the lives of children impacted by cancer. Join us and let’s make a difference together! 

Focus on What Matters

Spend time advocating and fundraising without having to build a medical advisory team and manage funds.

Receive Updates

We keep you updated through every step of the research project. You are now part of the team.

Receive Credit

We will mutually position and promote our efforts through reports, publications, and media. 

We’ve put in place an incredible team of the nation’s top oncologists and scientists all on the same mission of finding cures for pediatric cancers and we need your help to continue our efforts. When you are joining the Sunshine Project, you are joining the hardest working and most committed team to finding answers for families and children affected by pediatric cancer. 

Meet Our Foundation Partners

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“SebastianStrong partners with NCPF because of its Sunshine Project. This unique approach gives us the opportunity to help fund innovative pediatric cancer research that likely would go unfunded by giant foundations and universities. These research efforts are critical to finding less toxic cures for the cancers that take the lives of so many children each year. I encourage any small foundation that wants to team up with like-minded groups and put their money to work to consider National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.”