Meet Riley! She is three years old and battled Stage 4 Glioblastoma.

When Riley was just 10 months old, she started vomiting and was initially misdiagnosed as having a stomach virus. After continuing to be lethargic and losing consciousness, she was rushed to the emergency room, where they discovered a large tumor in her brain, causing a brain bleed. It was determined that she needed emergency brain surgery immediately. She was transported to another facility and endured a lifesaving brain surgery for the next several hours. Days later, Riley had a 2nd surgery to remove the remaining portion of the tumor. Though her neurosurgeon was able to remove the entire tumor, she was given a very poor prognosis and told Riley would not survive longer than a year or two because of the aggressive nature of this cancer.

After three surgeries and six months of very extensive chemotherapy treatments, her scans currently show no evidence of disease.

She is silly and feisty and loves dancing and Minnie Mouse.

Riley was recently in our 2022 North Carolina Fashion Funds the Cure event and walked the runway during her Dream Walk as a Ballerina!

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