Meet Millie! She is 13 years old and battled Hypothalamus Glioma.

Millie’s cancer journey began when she was just three years old. She started exhibiting odd behaviors like falling asleep at unusual times and not eating well. After multiple tests, Millie was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her optic nerve. Unfortunately, she lost almost all her vision due to the tumor’s location and treatment. This vision loss doesn’t keep her from living out her motto ‘to live every day as the best day ever,’ and she’s adapted by using low-vision devices and is also learning Braille.

She is currently finished with chemotherapy treatments, but the tumor remains, and she takes hormones to avoid endocrine disruption. As a result, Millie’s medication has stabilized her tumor for the past five years.

Millie loves arts and crafts, music, and singing. She is wise beyond her years, and her optimistic perspective on life is contagious.

She was recently in our 2022 Sarasota Fashion Funds the Cure event and walked the runway during her Dream Walk as a Ballroom Dancer!

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