Meet Merrick! He is seven years old and battled Lymphoma.

When Merrick was just five years old, he began having stomach problems and pain. After multiple misdiagnoses, a cancerous mass was found in his large intestine. The treatment plan for his aggressive type of cancer includes a pre-phase treatment. During this pre-phrase, he underwent a painful bone marrow surgery to see if his cancer had spread, which, luckily, it had not. Despite many painful procedures and seven months of treatment, Merrick always kept an upbeat attitude.

He liked to have fun in the hospital by having Nerf Gun fights with the doctors and nurses. He even made his mom take videos while he jumped out at nurses to try and scare them as they walked into his room.

Merrick was recently in our 2023 Ferraris and Fashion Funds the Cure event, in Orlando, and walked the runway during his Dream Walk as a Law Enforcement Officer!

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