Meet Ke’yair! He is 12 years old and battling Osteosarcoma.

Three years ago, Ke’yair fell during Field Day at his school and was brought to the doctor. At this appointment, doctors discovered cancer in his tibia, which had also spread to his lungs. He had multiple surgeries on his lungs and leg while enduring harsh chemotherapy. Unfortunately, after many attempts to save Ke’yair’s right leg, it had to be amputated.

Ke’yair has used many different prosthetics since then and now has a running blade that works well for him. He also has his service dog, Dexter, who helps him through this journey. Despite everything he has been through, he is still a jokester and greets every day with a smile.

Ke’yair was in our 2022 New York Fashion Funds the Cure event and walked the runway during his Dream Walk as a Nascar Driver!

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