Meet Everly! She is four years old and battled Stage IV Glioblastoma.

Everly was still in utero when the doctors found the mass on her left temporal lobe. She was delivered by an emergency C-section and rushed into open brain surgery three days later.

With Stage IV brain cancer, she was given only a 5% chance of making it to her second birthday, but her parents refused to accept those odds and sought other opinions. A second opinion offered a 20% chance of survival with two years of chemotherapy or “until her body could no longer handle the treatments.” A 3rd opinion provided hope, and she is now in remission and thriving after advanced treatment options.

Everly is in preschool and loves to sing. She will also chat with anyone willing to listen. She is a vibrant, quick-witted girl with a great sense of humor and loves making people laugh.

Everly was recently in our 2022 Houston Fashion Funds the Cure event and walked the runway during her Dream Walk as the Disney character Moana!

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