Meet Camden! He is five years old and battled B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Camden was diagnosed with cancer right after his 2nd birthday and began treatment in January 2020, which had a challenging start. In the first month of treatment, he experienced neuropathic pain in his legs and feet, making walking impossible, resulting in additional medicines and physical therapy.

Camden spent 2 ½ years in treatment, enduring many ups and downs as he navigated transfusions, scans, haircuts, and medicine. Camden completed treatment without any significant setbacks and proudly rang the bell in April of 2022!

Camden is full of personality! He loves to dress up and perform as his favorite superheroes. Recently learning how to ride his bike without training wheels, his parents were proud to see how far he had come, from being unable to walk as he started his treatment to seeing him ride his bike independently. 

Camden was recently in our 2023 Ferraris and Fashion Funds the Cure event, in Orlando, and walked the runway during his Dream Walk as a Scientist!

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