Meet Birdie! She is four years old and battled Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Birdie was diagnosed with cancer at just two years old. Because of the tumor’s location on her nose, she had to have a large portion of her face removed. Since her diagnosis, she has endured a year of chemotherapy, radiation, and seven surgeries. Unfortunately, she still has more treatments to come. 

Birdie is a true girly girl who loves all things pink. In addition to dressing up like a princess, she likes to have her hair, nails, and makeup done. She is a little girl who knows what she wants and usually figures out how to get it.

My favorite moment sharing with Birdie happens on nearly a daily basis. Her bravery inspires so many people. When she was first diagnosed, we asked random Jeep owners to have a beach day with her for her birthday. Hundreds of people showed up, and all of them are now part of our journey. Birdie loves Jeeps and the beach, and it’s always a good day when she gets to enjoy both. 

Birdie was recently in our 2022 Houston Fashion Funds the Cure event and walked the runway during her Dream Walk as a Ballerina!

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