Meet Anjali! She is four years old and battled Neuroblastoma.

At just three years old, Anjali’s family received the words no family wants to hear, “Your child has cancer.” The following year was spent in the hospital where Anjali received four rounds of high-dose chemo and radiation therapy, two types of immune therapy, and underwent a 10-hour long surgery.

Anjali is now part of a five-year vaccine trial to see if the vaccine will keep her cancer free. The vaccine is administered every three months with a total of 17 injections before the trial is over. Following the trial, yearly scans will take place.

Anjali is described as happy, loving, kind, and shy. Throughout her treatment, Anjali asked for a cat and a beach vacation. Once the doctors cleared her, she got her first request granted and picked out a beautiful white cat, naming her Milksy. Later, her second request was granted, and she went to the Bahamas with her mom and swam with dolphins and pigs!

Anjali was recently in our 2023 King of Prussia Fashion Funds the Cure event and walked the runway during her Dream Walk as a Ballerina!

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