Join Pediatric Cancer Warriors in the Fight For Their Life.

As the COVID-19 pandemic grows so does the vulnerability of children who are battling cancer. These children already have weakened immune systems and NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

The measure we are taking to prevent COVID-19 from spreading is the same measures that pediatric cancer warriors have always had to do. Take 6-year-old King, who battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia as an example…

“Social distancing and isolation are nothing new for our family. In 2016, we began self-isolating because the common cold can be just as deadly for us! Having a compromised immune system from chemotherapy treatments makes you susceptible to every virus on the planet. The first few months my family and I were very scared, but we knew with me having cancer the future was uncertain. I recommend trying your best to stay positive during these uncertain times.” 

Research is Paramount – NPCF is dedicated to research to ultimately eliminate childhood cancer. 

To read our statement regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.