Meet Trinity, she is 3-years-old and currently battling neuroblastoma.

Trinity’s Story

This is Trinity, she is currently 3 years old and has been fighting Neuroblastoma cancer for over a year already! Please read her story and see all that my beautiful daughter has endured. Pediatric cancer has taken so much from Trinity’s childhood. We need more funding for research, so no other child will have to face this terrible disease!

After 2 weeks of seeing doctors, visiting ERs and trying different medications, July 28, 2018 was the start of everything for Trinity at only 2 years old. Early July, I sat with my 3 daughters at the pediatrician office for their yearly physicals. The girl’s pediatrician felt an enlarged lymph node on Trinity’s neck, and thinking it was an ear infection that drained, she gave us a prescription for amoxicillin. 16 days, 2 prescriptions, 2 ER trips, several trips to the pediatrician, a rush CT, and rush biopsy later, Trinity was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer, Horner’s syndrome, and Harlequin syndrome.

April 26, 2019 – I  knew the news wasn’t good when Trinity’s oncologist called early in the morning that day. In the last 8 weeks, Trinity’s tumor has grown, and other “markers” have increased. Her team wanted to see her so that a game plan can be made for Trinity to start treatment again! Because the original treatment protocol failed, Trinity is now “10%.”

Repeat scans and testing confirmed that Trinity’s cancer is growing again, that she must start chemo again, and have a surgery consult to address the new growths. In between two rounds of chemo, Trinity was fully sedated for a 5-hour neck surgery. Pathology showed that out of 24 lymph nodes removed, 17 came back positive for cancer.

August 22, 2019 – Trinity’s Tampa team let us know that Trinity now also has a team in Orlando, Michigan, and Cincinnati (neuroblastoma specialists) all working on her case.

Biopsy results from tumors removed during Trinity’s surgery show that there is a mutation/marker present. I am meeting with her team soon to go over things in more detail, and to get a better understanding of it all. Because of this marker/mutation and the pathology report, we know that Trinity must have at least 3 more rounds of chemo instead of 1 like we were all hoping. Radiation and clinical trials are also being discussed. Trinity’s team said to be prepared to most likely make some flights to Michigan and/or Cincinnati as those doctors will be helping figure out Trinity’s treatment plan as we go.

Right now, we still have so many unanswered questions for my 3 years old’s future. Please send prayers and love our way and follow her journey on Facebook @TrinityTough! #TrinityTough #WeFightTogether

Picture of Trinity

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Trinity with a Crown

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