Tinsley is 5-years-old and cancer-free from leukemia.

“Tinsley was first diagnosed when she was 1 and a half, in January 2016. She had a swollen stomach and became very pale and lethargic. We took her to the hospital where they told us her white blood count was around 190,000 (normal range is 10-12,000). She was put in the ICU for 6 days and then transferred to the 9th floor where she spent the next 5 months fighting leukemia. After the first round of chemo, God wiped out all the cancer and Tinsley was in remission. She followed her 5-month protocol of chemo before ringing the bell in May 2016. We were able to go home and celebrate!

Unfortunately, 6 months later in November, she had relapsed, and the cancer was back. Even though we were told it is rare to have someone who relapsed go into remission right away after one treatment again, we told doctors our God can. Tinsley was now in need of a bone marrow transplant and radiation this time. One the same day we were told she relapsed, the doctors said she has 70 matches for bone marrow! Almost unheard of! She had 2 months of chemo and 12 days of radiation to her brain and spine. On February 4th, 2017, Tinsley received her bone marrow transplant from an unknown donor and once again my God healed her. She stayed in the BMT at TCH for 43 days straight and came out in remission once again! Tinsley is now a 5-year-old firecracker and is in kindergarten. She only has some iron overload on her liver due to transfusions and thyroid and adrenal delays but overall completely healthy!

We were able to meet and spend time with her donor, Emily. She flew down from North Dakota and we instantly fell in love with her. Our family gives all the glory to God for providing an angel on earth along with all the doctors, family and friends who helped carry us during her cancer journey!”

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