Lucia is 8-years-old and cancer-free from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Lucia was diagnosed at the age of 5 after a bump showed up on her ear. She was sick and had fevers all the time. After many doctor appointments and a biopsy, they found the reason for all her symptoms and we heard the four most dreaded words that forever changed our lives.

“Your child has cancer”

After it was established that Lucia had A.L.L she received chemotherapy the very next day. There was no time for explanations, so decisions were made on the spot and papers were signed. She was extremely ill, her life was on the line.

We had the privilege to witness Lucia’s bravery day in and day out. She underwent 2 and 1/2 years of therapy that amounted to hundreds of rounds of chemotherapy infusions, oral chemo, lumbar punctures with intrathecal chemotherapy, hundreds of doses of steroids and many other medications. She endured isolation, hospitalizations and setbacks, she had to fight to regain her muscle strength every day and even had to learn to walk again or learn something as simple as how to hold a pencil. To help her endure treatment a team of doctors and specialists were assigned to her case. She had to deal with pains and aches that no kid should ever have to endure.

Lucia prevailed and smiled. Not even for a second did she consider giving up or complaining about the situation she faced. She fought one day at the time, loved her nurses and doctors and even had time to help lift up the spirits of her mom and dad during the difficult days. She is a true hero and a survivor!

Today she enjoys every minute of her life as a gift, because after all like she always says “no matter what is happening, we need to remember we only have today”.

Lucia is sweet and has a great sense of humor. She loves foxes and butterflies more than anything in the world. Her favorite colors are gold and yellow, she enjoys a good chest game. She dreams of having a puppy name Jack and her favorite food is soup.”


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