Meet Kinsley, she is 6-years-old and in remission from Wilm’s tumor!

Meet Kinsley:

One night, my husband and I noticed that Kinsley’s belly was sticking out on one side. That night, we immediately took her to the ER. After some bloodwork and an ultrasound, we were told that she had a Wilms tumor (kidney cancer). From there, it was a whirlwind of doctors coming in and out, discussing treatment options and a plan for Kinsley.

Two days later she had surgery to remove her kidney and the tumor that was attached, and they placed a port in her chest. Kinsley recovered well from her surgery and 2 weeks later she danced in her first dance recital and it meant so much more to us now. Then next week she started chemo while we waited for pathology results. When those came back, we learned that her tumor was more likely to relapse so she was changed to a regimen that included more chemo and more radiation.  She had 8 rounds of radiation and 7 months of chemo.

Kinsley was 3 when she was diagnosed. Once chemo started, she couldn’t go back to preschool. She missed her friends, but she is very social and quickly made friends at the hospital. She loves all her nurses and child life staff. They made the hospital fun for her and she looked forward to going. She ended up inpatient several times due to neutropenia. She also needed blood and platelet transfusions

Kinsley is now 6 and enjoys school, dance, gymnastics and soccer.  She is currently 1.5 years off treatment. We go for scans every 3 months and pray that her cancer never returns.  Kinsley never lost her spunk throughout treatment. She continues to find the positivity in everything she goes through and is very proud to tell others she beat cancer!

Picture of Kinsley

3 in Treatment

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Kinsley Smiling at a Pumpkin Patch

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