Kinsley story of hope

Meet Kinsley, she is 5-years-old and cancer-free from retinoblastoma.

Meet Kinsley:

We reached out to Kinsley’s mother to talk about her journey of becoming cancer-free! Here’s what she had to say,

Kinsley’s journey began in December 2018. Her parents took her to the doctor to check up on a red-eye.

In only a few days, Kinsley went from a normal preschooler that spent her days on the playground with her friends to a pediatric cancer patient. She needed to undergo extensive eye exams, laser treatments, MRIs, and port placement operations. She received her first round of chemotherapy on December 21, 2018, only a few days before her 4th Christmas.

However, chemotherapy alone wasn’t enough. Kinsley’s ocular oncologist confirmed that her tumor had developed into something very advanced and complex. The decision was made to have her right eye removed and an orbital implant placed.

On March 1, 2019, they received the best news ever. Pathology results of the globe and optic nerve found that the cancer was completely contained to her right eye that was removed and Kinsley was considered to be cancer free!

Kinsley finished her last two rounds of systemic chemotherapy and rang the bell on April 26, 2019.

Kinsley developed her love of baking while recovering from chemotherapy. Although she had to be quarantined at home, she filled up the time baking cookies! She shared her signature cookies with her neighbors, schoolmates, family, and friends.

You can find Kinsley and her signature cookie cart at one of her organization’s many events. Learn more about Kinsley’s Cookie Cart, their upcoming plans, and ways you can get involved with the organization on their site.

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Kinsley on the Runway

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