David Loeb, MD PhD from Children’s Hospital at Montefiore awarded $150,000 grant for Ewing’s Sarcoma Research

TAMPA, Florida, April 12, 2024: The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation® (NPCF™) has awarded Dr. David Loeb $150,000 for his current Ewing’s Sarcoma Research project titled: “One Carbon Is Not Enough–A Metabolic Attack On Ewing’s Sarcoma”.

Ewing’s sarcoma is the second most common bone tumor in children and adolescents. Patients who present with localized disease have a survival rate of about 75% but at the cost of a significant burden of side effects and long-term health challenges due to the intensity of the chemotherapy they receive. Those with metastases have a poor prognosis that has not improved in decades. The oncogene causing Ewing sarcoma,EWS-FLI1, causes changes in cellular metabolism that causes an increased dependence on One Carbon Metabolism. We are testing several drugs against this pathway to see if we can kill Ewing sarcoma and not harm normal cells.

“If our work is successful, it will lead to new clinical trials very quickly and can profoundly alter the way we approach children with Ewing sarcoma” said Dr. Loeb.

Dr. Loeb is Chief, Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Cellular Therapy at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore and Professor, Pediatrics and Professor, Developmental and Molecular Biology at Montefiore Einstein. His clinical work focuses on tumors of connective tissue, such as bone and muscle. “We are honored to fund the unique work being done by Dr. Loeb and are hopeful it can improve outcomes for children with Ewing sarcoma” said David Frazer, CEO of NPCF.

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