Academy of the Holy Names hosted a Cut for a Cure and raised $20,000!

On March 12, 2020, the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa hosted its annual Cut for a Cure event to raise funds and awareness for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. We were able to join this amazing event and watch as the Academy community gathered in their auditorium. The bleachers were filled with supporting classmates, family and friends. In the center of the basketball court hairdressers from Salon Eunoia and Sam Haji from Marina Pointe Studio volunteered to cut the participant’s hair.

That afternoon, 25 members of the Academy community, including students, faculty and parents participated in the Cut for a Cure event. Even the principal, Bridgid Fishman, joined in to shave her head! “I started doing this 7 years ago to honor my friend Mara Schultz who had childhood cancer and ultimately succumb to breast cancer 10-years-ago.  I have continued to do so because of students of mine who have battled cancer:  Cailin Cannella (who passed away in her 8th-grade year), Carson Belec and Jack Shroyer.”

Together, the participants raised $20,000 for the NPCF! The boys shaved their heads and the girls were able to cut their ponytails to donate to Wigs for Kids.

This is the seventh year the Academy of Holy Names hosted this amazing event, bring their total donations to the NPCF to $139,881! A huge thank you to all the participates, volunteers and families.

The NPCF challenges others to host a Cut and Color for a Cure event. The challenge is simple but the impact is STRONG! Cut and Color Funds the Cure encourages supporters to cut their hair, shave their beards, or temporarily color their hair orange to help raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research. Sign up and tell all of your friends and family that you’re going to cut/color your hair for pediatric cancer and ask them to donate or join you. Hold an event with your supporters to have them help cut/color your hair. GET STARTED NOW!

Please consider making a donation today!

Young girl shows off her hair after it was cut off at the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation's Cut and Color Funds the Cure with the Academy of Holy Names in Tampa, Florida