Host a Summer Fundraiser

Summer is officially here! Are you looking for a fun summer activity to do with your family? Consider hosting a fundraiser for the NPCF! We encourage you to get creative and have fun, all while helping to fund pediatric cancer research. Check out this list of family-friend fundraising ideas to get inspired. Don’t forget to take pictures during your fundraiser and tag us on social media!

  • Dedicate Your Summer Birthday Create a Facebook Fundraiser during your birthday and ask people to donate instead of getting you a present.
  • Beach Volleyball tournament Organizations/schools/businesses can pay to sign up and form teams to compete in a volleyball tournament.
  • Surf Competition Hold a surf competition and ask participants to secure pledges from family, friends, and local businesses.
  • Cook-off Host an outdoors cooking competition or a BBQ dinner. Sell tickets for meals or ask people to pay to compete in a cooking competition. 
  • Pool Party Open your pool up for a free party. During the party, you can sell food/drinks, raffles/tickets, and games!
  • Race Host a swim, bike, walk or run a race in which people pay to enter.
  • Picnic/Field Day Host a field day full of games (such as; races, scavenger hunts, and obstacle courses) and competitions in which kids compete for some sort of incentive. Have an entry fee donation to the NPCF.
  • Carwash Coordinate a car wash in which children gather together and collect donations per each car that they wash.
  • Movie Night Host a drive-in movie night or possibly put up a screen/blanket to watch in your backyard. The kids can collect donations to enter and charge for popcorn and drinks.
  • Garage Sale Everyone knows what a garage sale is and has likely participated or seen one at some point. However, rather than keeping the funds, you can donate them to the NPCF. Set up and extra donation jar for people to contribute to as well.
  • Go Fishing Join our All-American Fishing Tournament. This virtual fishing tournament lets you fish with us from anywhere in the country.
  • Concert/ Talent Show Gather interested people from around the community and host a family-friendly talent show or concert. You can change and entry fee for the guest or for the participants. 
  • Kickball Tournament Host a kickball tournament at a local park or field. Ask for donations and/or charge a pay-to-play fee.
  • Ice Cream Party During the summer, children find any and every excuse to eat ice cream! Gather different types of ice cream and topping and ask for a donation for a dish of ice cream.
  • Outdoor Fitness Class Gather a crowd in the park and have a volunteer teach a yoga or fitness class. Ask for donations, or a fee to participate.
  • The Classic Lemonade Stand Have the kids make lemonade and set up a table on the sidewalk. All proceeds will go toward pediatric cancer research.

Questions about starting your fundraiser? Call or email Chelsea at or (813) 269-0955.