Donate in Memory of Dr. Syamala B. Ahmad

Donate in Memory of Dr. Syamala B. Ahmad

Dr. Syamala B. Ahmad

Dr. Syamala B. Ahmad passed away peacefully on October 20, 2020. She was a strong, resilient woman who was always devoted to creating the best life for her family. She instilled in them the importance of self-sufficiency, of focus, of charity, and of compassion for others. She was a believer in the strength of true friendship and the power inherent in family.

Syamala spent nearly 40 years as a radiation oncologist dedicated to helping children and adults overcome cancer and teaching the next generation of physicians. She was so loved by her patients that they often became lifelong friends and she a part of their families. A big part of her legacy revolves around the lives she helped save and those she comforted.

In honor of her life’s work, donations in Syamala’s memory can be made to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

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