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The NPCF Fashion Funds the Cure fundraising platform is a unique way to explore the world of creativity, fashion, and accessories while raising money for pediatric cancer.

The Fashion Funds the Cure platform requires a little more logistics and organization than our other fundraising programs. Below is an outlined plan on starting a fashion show in your community.

1. Secure a location
Locations could include a school auditorium, gymnasium, church, restaurant, or any place where people gather.

2. Pick a date
Check your local events calendar to make sure the date isn’t already taken by a competitive event.

3. Find a clothing sponsor
Contact a local specialty or department store to see if they would be willing to let you borrow clothing for the event. If you run into trouble, you can always do a themed fashion show with social occasion dresses from your own closet! Everyone has, or knows someone, with more homecoming or bridesmaid dresses than they know what to do with! After the show, you might even donate some of the dresses to charity that provides prom / homecoming dresses to girls who can’t afford them.

4. Models
Ask for volunteer models to be in the show. If you want, you can even ask local businesses to sponsor a model. The sponsoring business would be recognized as the model walks down the runway.

5. Design Signs and Flyers
Place them everywhere possible! Ask for local businesses to post them in stores, distribute at church, in the dorm laundry rooms and student gathering locations. Don’t forget to include that you’re raising funds for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Fashion Funds the Cure program!

6. Selling Tickets
Determine a ticket price. If you need to offset some expenses, roll those expenses into your calculations when determining how much to change. Each member of the team should be responsible for selling a specific number of tickets. Also, ask local businesses to help sell tickets for you.

7. Planning the event
You can be as formal or informal as you like! An elevated stage is nice, but you can also create a beautiful presentation using a carpet runner as a runway with chairs lined up on either side for the audience. This presentation requires a sound system with a microphone.

If your location is in a restaurant, models traditionally roam from one table to the next. In this setting, each model talks about what they are wearing and who their sponsor is as they approach each table.

Find a dressing room location that accommodates the proper number of models. The room must have a place to hang clothing or have rolling racks to prevent the apparel from being damaged.

An emcee can make all the difference in the world. Select someone that is personable, energetic and isn’t afraid of public speaking!

Assign jobs to team members. Possibilities include; registration/ticket coordinator, clothing coordinator, advertising, sponsorships, model coordinator, and in-kind coordinator.

8. Additional fundraising ideas.
Your can increase your fundraising potential by adding a silent auction, raffle or refreshment sale to your event.

9. Have fun!

Host a Design Event with a Featured Artist!

Are you a talented artist or do you know someone who is willing to help? Plan an event centered around designing personalized items for your family and friends!

1. Decorate Keds, T-shirts, phone cases and more.

2. Set a date, time and location for the event. Choose your canvas (shoes, t-shirts, phone cases, etc.)

3. Create design options and determine the cost of your supplies.

4. Set your sales price. The price should your cover supplies and/or artist fees (if any) and provide the desired donation amount. Remember, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!

5. Design your invitational signs and flyers that show off your talent. Make sure customers know that they need to bring their own canvas to the event.

6. Remember to establish realistic goals for completion based on the time it takes to design one item and the total number of items you can complete in the allocated time.

7. Have fun!

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