Safety Net Grant Program

Financial Assistance Pediatric Cancer Patients

See how our Safety Net Program helps cover children battling cancer.

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Safety NetGrant Program assists advanced cancer patients (children under the age of 18) with treatment-related costs. This program will provide grants of up to $500 twice a year to assist with those eligible treatment based costs. This includes medicine (prescription and over-the-counter), transportation to/from treatment, insurance co-pays or out of pocket costs, and medical supplies. Our National Spokesperson, Jesse Palmer, helped to develop and launch this special program. He recognized the trauma that pediatric cancer families go through and his vision and leadership has been critical to making much needed financial assistance available for patients and their families.

Please be aware that this is an “online grant program” for “reimbursable, event-related support.” That means the grant only may be used for expenses that are validated with a current/original invoice and payment receipt for the said expense. Receipts are required to be submitted with the grant application.

Find Out If You Are Eligible For Our Safety Net Benefits

  • Patient must be currently undergoing treatment in relation to a cancer-related clinical trial or advanced form of cancer therapy treatment.
  • Patient must be a legal citizen of the USA and be under the age of 18 as of the day of treatment.
  • Patient’s treatment must be validated (signature on application) by a licensed healthcare provider providing said treatment and by supporting parent/ legal guardian.
  • Financial assistance by the NPCF is considered “last resort” funding.
  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need on the patient application. Financial needs will be assessed based on numerous factors, including household income and size as compared to the cost of basic needs by county.
  • Patients must be alive at the time that the grant is issued. Financial assistance related to postmortem expenses or expenditures incurred after death will not be considered for reimbursement.
  • Applicants may apply at six-month intervals – limited to two per calendar year. The maximum grant amount per application is $500.00.
  • Number of annual grants – current program awards is one $500 grant per six month period.

To apply for the Safety Net Grant Program, click here.

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