Sunshine Project Summit | Tampa, Florida

February 23 & 24, 2023, at Tampa Airport Marriott

About the Event

The Sunshine Project Research Summit is where National Pediatric Cancer Foundation doctors and researchers from across the nation meet to collaborate and share innovative research initiatives and findings.

This inspirational event will be filled with love and hope as pediatric cancer researchers and family members share their personal stories of battling childhood cancer and the importance of finding a cure. We will discuss the impact of philanthropic giving as part of a healthy business strategy. We will also share exciting clinical trial developments and the difference our research is making.

The NPCF Sunshine Project is a rare entity in the world of medical research. While most research is done within the walls of single institutions, the NPCF Sunshine Project is run as a truly collaborative research consortium that works with 100+ doctors, nurses, and researchers at 30 leading hospitals nationwide to fund basic science, clinical trials, and translational research. We challenge and encourage these medical professionals to bring us the next great idea in pediatric cancer treatment, and we work hard to get those innovative ideas funded and up and running very quickly.

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