NPCF’s Development Director, Chelsea Wagner, on

NPCF’s Development Director, Chelsea Wagner, joined for a podcast interview.

Our very own Chelsea Wagner spoke about her battle with pediatric cancer and the NPCF’s groundbreaking work on Chelsea is an NPCF team member who has dedicated her life to helping children battling cancer after she went through her battle starting in high school. During this interview, she opens up about all the struggles that came during and after her diagnosis and how the NPCF is making a huge difference in the lives of other children battling cancer.

Emil Ekvardt from interviewed the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation as part of their ‘ Talks With…’ podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a positive impact on the world.

Only 4 percent of cancer funding in the USA goes towards researching effective childhood cancer treatments. And since 1980, scientists have produced a mere 10 new cancer-fighting drugs for children. Chelsea Wagner discussed how increasing pediatric cancer funding can give children with cancer a brighter future.

Pediatric Cancer Treatment Has a Long Way to Go 

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation collaborates with almost 30 hospitals throughout the USA. By sharing findings and research, we help bring everyone together to fight pediatric cancer more effectively. Chelsea explained that many currently available treatments were designed for adults and have harsh and long-lasting effects on young bodies, stunting growth and impeding the natural development of children. That’s why 88 cents out of every dollar the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation research receives goes directly towards researching more suitable medicine.

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